Steel Bite Pro - the first dental offer on the market is killing it as we speak…

An offer guaranteed to put money in your pocket. A huge market
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Complete sales funnel with 2 upsells to get
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Traffic restrictions: No incent, no brand bidding, no spam, no YouTube traffic.


65% commission on Initial Sale

2 Upsells with 60% commission

…up to $4.20 EPC (even with average traffic expect at least $2.5 EPC)…

…up to $518 order value (and expect to have these kind of sales on a daily basis)

…CVR from 1.5% to max 6% (we’re getting in average around 2.8%)

…profitable on any over-saturated-ultra-killed lists

…low refunds, low chargeback… due the fanatic customer support

…almost too good to be true… but guess what?!



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